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    Luc Evertzen commented  · 

    You can now see your watched movies in your history, but I still don't think that's quite enough. I'd still like to have a full and separate list of watched movies.

    Luc Evertzen commented  · 

    I understand your view on this matter dereck, but I would in no way want Uwe to prioritize this feature over any significant addition to the "Series" section of the app. And while this is indeed a Series app first and foremost, it is nice to have everything in one, convenient place. As for the cluttering, there is still room for a small "Watched" tab in the movies section. The app might need more storage space though (?), and for devices with small internal storage this might be an issue.

    Luc Evertzen commented  · 

    I just consider collected movies to be the movies I actually bought on dvd, blu-ray or digital. These are essentially the movies that I like a lot. But there are also a lot of movies that I only watch once in the cinema or via streaming services. I don't consider these movies collected since I don't actually own them. That's why I always used the watched button on instead of the collected button. And now I have about 350 movies watched on the site but zero collected in the app. I just don't want to manually collect all 350 movies again via the app.

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