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more filtering options or tabs - "watched" and "currently watching"

I'm missing two in particular:

1) a filter or tab for watched series - so that I could easily access the series I've already watched; I'm currently using a custom list for watched series but a tab or filter would be much more convenient plus I wouldn't have to remember to put a series on the list when I complete it

2) something to distinguish between series I'm currently watching and those I want to watch in the future - currently, the unwatched filter doesn't do the job because it displays all series with at least one unwatched episode, i.e. both the series I've already started and those I haven't started yet. I read somewhere why the author doesn't want to include a separate watchlist ala trakt and I agree but an alternative to that functionality is really missing. I don't want my list in the series view too long but I also need the series I want to watch later included somewhere. A "watching" filter for series with only some episodes watched or something else to set apart series with no episodes watched would do the trick.

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  • Jessica Adkins commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I currently hide the shows I'm not currently watching. But I agree that having a way to separate completed shows and those I have not started would be very convinant. I have so many shows on my list that trying to go back to a show to finish can be a hassle. And the watched/completed list would really be great because some of the shows on my list don't have dates on their episodes so it is even harder to remember that I still have those episodes to watch because they don't show up as 'unwatched'.

  • baudolino commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    flabbamann: That's one possible way to work around the problem. I moved shows I want to watch and haven't started yet to the watchlist on trakt which is also available through Series guide - when you tap the add icon, there's a watchlist tab. There are two problems - it's not very straightforward and several taps away and more importantly, connection to trakt is not exactly reliable.
    Anyway, these are all workarounds for something that seems quite basic to me and should be included. Otherwise I like the app and use it on a daily basis but I do miss this particular feature.

  • flabbamann commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just hide shows that I have in my library but did not start watching yet. This way my unwatched list is pretty clean.

  • peepay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Further, I would also like the possibility to differentiate between shows I am watching "on time" and those I am "catching up".

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