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A 'watched' list for movies

There already is a watchlist and a collected list. But I also watch a lot of movies in the cinema or I stream them via netflixx or hulu. I don't consider those movies to be in my 'collection'.

That's why I'd like to suggest adding a 'watched' list alongside the 'collected' list (just like the series part of the app).

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    Luc Evertzen shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Philip commented  · 

        Yes there should be a Watched movies in statistics not what is the total time I have to watch. Just like shows it's a fun statistic of movies that have passed. (And maybe a watched multiple times option)

      • Stanley Lageweg commented  · 

        I think this would be a great addition. Mainly to look through if people ask me which movies I recommend. Therefore, a "sort by Rating" feature would also be great here.

      • Jason commented  · 

        I have a movie watched list for the app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.1 not for the app on my Galaxy S7 edge. Why is that?

      • Witness commented  · 

        I think this feature is also something I'm looking for. I want to be able to keep track of movies that I have seen and movies that I want to see. So a watched and a watchlist would be nice since collected doesn't show up in the statistics. Why do watchlist movies show up in the statistics instead of collection. Seems like it should be the opposite right? Unless I'm interpreting the categories wrong.

      • StrayKat commented  · 

        I would like a Movie watched list because it would add to my stats of how much time I've spent investing media, but mostly because my friends often ask for movie recommendations, and I can't remember what movies I've seen.
        Someday I'd love it if SeriesGuide could truly learn my preferences and recommend titles of shows and movies, because every streaming service out there is terrible at that, or only recommends their own current and limited content.
        Also, whenever I join Netflix or Hulu, they want me to tell them movies I've seen and rate them. It's easier if I already have a list. It would be cool to be able to rate them, too. I would be fine with this feature being a totally separate app, actually.

      • Orhan commented  · 

        I am looking forward this feature to be included in the app.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please add this, I can't see why add movies if you can't see the information in a list. Please add it

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Would love this, could allow me to see all the films I've seen

      • mayaa commented  · 

        I feel like the watched, or seen list if you prefer, is something to distinguish a film you have purchased (as a collection) from a film you have just watched but do not own a copy of. Because I feel I can't add any movie I've seen to collection unless i have it in my library at home. Also the idea for netflix section or other streaming site's list of want to watch/have seen type of list? To keep track of wish list to watch and already seen movies. But i want to stress a need of this kind of thing for series as well. For shows you would like to watch but are not currently following and a list for shows you have seen but have stopped airing (maybe only show name in this section as a whole to check so you don't have to check every episode of 10 seasons or more). That way you know every thing you've seen. And bsck to movies options also maumye an option if you have seen the film on stream, theatre, or other....

      • Sam Kramer commented  · 

        This is crazy, why have the movie section in the app at all if you are going to make it a crippled implementation?

        Check out the Movie Mate app, it has the collection tab. Easy.

        I'm currently having to run 2 apps when one should be enough.

        Alot of people asking for a simple feature, really should give it some serious thought.

      • Manuel commented  · 

        This is absolutely necessary! I'd love to separate what I watched to what I'd like to watch in future. It helps a having a "want to watch list" (watchlist) and a watched list. Every time I click on set watched it disappears from watchlist and switches to watch. Plus the collection tab. Please this is the only request I have!

      • Carlos Martín commented  · 

        @Luc Evertzen I'm doing that with my +2000 movies list. I'm collecting them one by one T_T.
        The difference between collected and watched is clear. i have many movies collected (downloaded/bought) but not watched. Others I only watch (example: TV films).

        My 2 cents:
        This could be done with 2 tabs (collected & watched) or with a 'watched' filter inside collected tab.

      • Jessica Adkins commented  · 

        I myself own over 500 DVDs. But instead of putting them in my collection, I have been using my collection as my watched list. I have just started so I don't have everything there yet but I'm working on it.

        I have been tracking those movies and shows I have watched for a few years. I was happy when I found your app. I was even happier when you added the movies track list.

        I have never been great with names or titles. I truly dislike getting all excited bout watching this new movie I have never seen before only to be disappointed a few minutes into it because I realized that I have seen it and I know just about everything that is bout to happen. It tends to make my not enjoy the movie that I would have loved if I had already known I was rewatching it.

      • Luc Evertzen commented  · 

        You can now see your watched movies in your history, but I still don't think that's quite enough. I'd still like to have a full and separate list of watched movies.

      • frandom commented  · 

        I just started adding watched movies in Series Guide and though I was just missing something when I couldn't find them listed anywhere in the app. To me it doesn't make much sense to be able to mark movies as watched without then being able to see a list of what you have watched.

      • Clément Roux commented  · 

        Stats for movies based on this feature could be great.

      • Novell Guy commented  · 

        me personally, I have a problem remembering which movies i have seen as I like to watch the "B" sci fi movies and OFTEN watch the same movie twice only realizing about 10-30mins in that I have watched it!!

      • Luc Evertzen commented  · 

        I understand your view on this matter dereck, but I would in no way want Uwe to prioritize this feature over any significant addition to the "Series" section of the app. And while this is indeed a Series app first and foremost, it is nice to have everything in one, convenient place. As for the cluttering, there is still room for a small "Watched" tab in the movies section. The app might need more storage space though (?), and for devices with small internal storage this might be an issue.

      • dereck eichinger commented  · 

        I'm not a fan of this. Seriesguide is a TV show based app, it should focus on perfecting the TV show-related features. Cluttering the app with more movie features shouldn't be a priority, in my humble opinion.

      • Roberto Giunta commented  · 

        I agree, I have tons of movies I watched at a friend's place/cinema only/streamed and while it may look cleaner, the movie just disappears when I mark them as "Seen", so I would really love a "Seen" tab in the app :)

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