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Allow User to add a show not listed

Just user suggestion I would also love see a way to order show by how new they are

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  • Jodie Whiteley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like the option to add a show title that is not currently listed, along w/answer fields for a series of questions about that show, which r designed to help the app find & add the show.

    Such as series premiere year, network, Wikipedia page or IMBD page link, etc. That way the show can be added to Series Guide, or Trakt, or both sites radar. So in the near future it can be added as a searchable show.

    It would be nice when it is added if the manual entry could be automatically updated to the normal searchable version.

    My reason for requesting this added feature, is simply due to the fact that near the end of a TV viewing season, i start googling online for lists of next seasons new premieres. Like if the summer shows r ending, I will research what new shows r coming this fall. I will read about them, search for trailers, or pilots episodes online, to get a feel for them.

    Then I add any that look promising to my series guide shows list, that way when it's time for them to premiere, I don't miss any of them.

    However, it never fails that there r shows not available to add via search on Series Guide. Could be to early, not popular enough, or even last minute name changes. Either way, I really hate when I read about them months before they start, get interested & begin to anticipate the upcoming season, only to end up missing them, simply because they were not listed in my series guide list, and on a channel I do not watch, therefore I never seen any reminders closer to the premiere of the broadcast, & maybe after all this time I cannot even remember what they were called, or what network they were on.

    I cut the cord awhile ago, so everything we watch, we watch online. I depend greatly on my Series Guide app to both remind me of new episodes, as well as track watched episodes so I know I am not missing out on anything.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Very good idea.. I watch let's plays on ytb and didn't find any option to add those to my list.
    I think to add a not listed show it would be great to enter the name, change the poster and that the length of the series automatically. For example, create a new show 'xyz', 1 episode. If episode 1 is watched , episode 2 is added automaticall. And an option to say : season is over

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